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Salesforce is great for CRM. Google Drive is great for cloud collaboration and storage. Cirrus Files is perfect for integrating Salesforce and Google Drive.

Google Drive inside of Salesforce

"95% of companies want easy access to the latest version of their files and documents in Salesforce."

From Bluewolf's The State of Salesforce '13 - '14 Annual Review

By using Google Docs you never have to download, edit, save and re-upload a file to Salesforce again.

  • Automatically organize your customer files in a folder structure in Google Drive.
  • Access relevant Google Drive files when viewing any record in Salesforce.
  • View, create, and upload Google Drive files from within Salesforce.
  • Link files to Salesforce records from within Google Drive.

Additional Information

  • 100% Force.com native app for complete data security.
  • 5-minute set up.
  • Supports all editions of Salesforce as well as all standard and custom objects.
  • 50% discount for nonprofits.
Google Drive

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